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Founded in 1971 in an attic above a factory by Joe Montgomery, Cannondale started as an outdoor gear company. The name came from the train station across the road. They are one of the most passionate bike manufacturers we have ever come across, not only passionate about building the best, most innovative and high-performance products, but passionate about doing everything they can to create the best possible cycling experience for their customers and that why we love selling them.

Cannondale are continually developing new technology including Si (System Integration) Ai (Asymmetric Integration), Optimised Steering Geometry, Ballistic Carbon, CAAD (Advanced Aluminium Design), Micro Suspension Technology, Locking Pivot Through Axels, Revolutionary Bottom Bracket technology, System Integrated Cranksets and of course the “Lefty” suspension.

Cannondale Road Bikes – From the pure race focus of the SuperSix EVO Hi-Mod and CAAD12, to the race proven comfort of the Synapse, to the category blurring of the Slate, Cannondale Road Bikes are engineered to perform. Lighweight, balanced and razor sharp handling all add up to a ride feel that could only come from one company.

Cannondale have also created the most complete collection of women’s road bikes in Cannondale history. Lightest-in-class weights, razor-sharp handling and the perfect balance of stiffness and comfort all add up to a ride that could only come from Cannondale.

The full line-up for women include “Elite Road”, “Endurance Road” plus XC, Trail and Hardtail Mountain Bikes. View our range of Road Bikes

Cannondale Gravel Bikes (New Road) – For those whose love for the road extends beyond the road the Slate is the bike for you View our range of Slate Bikes.

Cannondale Cyclocross Bikes – Once simply a means for pro riders to keep their edge through the long, dark off-season, Cyclocross has grown into full-fledged movement. From dedicated ‘cross racers who spend their entire year preparing for muddy battle, enthusiasts drawn to the camaraderie and energy of the sport, or simply people who recognize the versatility and fun these bikes offer, Cannondale has a ‘cross bike perfectly suited to your desires. View our range of Cyclocross Bikes 

Cannondale Touring Bikes – Load up and break out. This is the bike for those seeking high adventure or drama free commuting.

Cannondale Mountain Bikes – That feeling you get when you’re having a great mountain bike ride…we all know it and we know that nothing compares. Whether it’s the anaerobic endorphin rush of a race effort, the camaraderie of riding with good friends, or the groove of a solo ride, it’s those moments that inspire us to create the mountain bikes we do. With over 45 models to choose from including XC Race, Enduro, All Mountain, Trail, Hardtail and Fat Bike, there is a bike for everyone and everything! View the Range

Cannondale Hybrid Bikes (Urban & Fitness) – The Cannondale Urban bikes aren’t simply tools to get you from A to B, they are bikes designed for creative individuals to live fully. They are passionate about forging their own path, and creating bikes that don’t follow the herd. They believe every ride is an expression of creativity, health and passion. With systems-level designed bikes make the ride quicker, more comfortable and more enjoyable, helping you find the new route to work, the best café with friends, and the rush of a beautiful view at the end of the day. View the full range

Cannondale E-Bikes  – With over 20 medels to choose from all the E-bikes have one thing in common — pure, visceral cycling performance. Their goal is to create bikes that are so rider-focused, so seamlessly integrated and so much damn fun to ride, that you forget you’ve got power assist, forget you’re on an e-bike, forget everything except how good it feels to be on that bike, in that moment. If that sounds like your cup of tea, power up. Let’s Ride. View the full range

Cannondale Kids Bikes – With their ultra-light alloy frames, vibration-absorbing seat stays, lightweight components and race-inspired graphics, Cannondale Kids’ bikes are engineered to pass something truly valuable on to the next generation…the love of the ride. View the full range

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