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There are many different “cycle to work” schemes available in the UK and an employer can choose one or more different schemes to offer their employees. We work with a large number of the schemes and can supply bikes to anybody using any of the following:


Halfords Cycle2Work


Cycle Solutions

Salary Extras

Cycle Plus

If your scheme is not listed please contact us as we will still be able to help.

Your easy steps to getting a bike through Cycling 2000 on a cycle to work scheme…

  • 1) Is your employer signed up?
  • To get a bike through a cycle to work scheme, your employer needs to be signed up to the scheme. If your employer is not signed up, or you are not sure, speak to your manager or HR department, and direct them to us and we can advise where to get signed up.

  • 2) Call in and visit us!
  • Call by either shop on Dallow Street in Burton or Wheel Lane in Lichfield so we can take the time to talk about what sort of bike and equipment are best for you, and provide you with a written quote for these. We will reserve the bike and equipment for you, so that you don’t have to worry about it being sold in the meantime. You don’t even have to give us a deposit.

  • 3) Request your secure certificate online
  • Go to your employer’s special cycle to work scheme web address to request your certificate. If you are not sure what this is, ask your manager. Your employer will then need to confirm your eligibility and approve your request, and then they will receive an invoice for the bike package. An agreement will also be sent to you to sign. As soon as the bike is paid for, you will receive your printed certificate, which you can then bring back to us and exchange it for the bike and equipment you reserved.

  • 4) When bringing the certificate to us
  • Once you have your certificate, you should call us to let us know, then we can either prepare the bike for your collection, or get the bike from the warehouse if we are storing it there for you. Once your bike is ready and you come to collect it you will also need to bring photographic ID with you, such as your passport or driving licence. This helps us to ensure the equipment reaches you safely.

  • 5) How does payment work?
  • Your payments are deducted from your gross monthly salary. At the end of the payment period employees are given the opportunity to own the bike. Every employer is different, ask your employer or us about end of contract options. So what are you waiting for??.. Call in today to see the vast stock availible to you. We offer exclusive packages to cycle to work scheme participants

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