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Frog Bikes

Frog are a British company dedicated to making cycling fun for children and we love them. They believe that the lighter the bike, the easier it is for children to learn to ride, and to enjoy it more as they progress.

Frog bikes use a light but strong aluminium frame and hand-picked components that offer a high performance without compromising the weight.

The environment is an important factor in all the decisions that Frog make as a business, from recycled packaging to generating their own electricity in the office. Frog assemble all their bikes in UK, in their own factory in south Wales.

Leapfrog Please contact us and ask about the Leapfrog programme, this is a scheme that as your children grow enables you to trade in your Frog bike for a new one.

Bike Options Frog offer a superb range of bikes for children of all ages, these include:

  • Balance Bikes – for Children 2 – 4 yrs
  • First Pedal Bikes – for children 3 – 5 yrs
  • Hybrid Bikes – for children 5 – 14 yrs
  • Road Bikes – for children 6 – 14 yrs
  • Track Bikes – for children 6 – 14 yrs

Another great feature of many Frog bikes is they include 2 sets of tyres, 1 for off-road and 1 hybrid. We will fit whichever you prefer.

Colour Options

One of the other great things about Frog Bikes is that they offer colour options including a British Cycling and Team SKY option.

There are also a wide range of accessories available including:

  • Matching Helmets
  • Saddle Bags
  • Bottle Cages
  • Clothing

You can check out the whole range of Frog bikes in store or online

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